4-0! NEXT. . . .

Well you thought that the MLS All Stars being the MLS All Stars would give us a tougher evening than any of the sides we've met on tour so far but as it turns out, they were no different.
Like all the sides before them, they started well, giving United a lot to think about in the opening exchanges, but when United got the full measure of them, it was once again about how many United wanted to put away. Sometimes you wonder what sort of scorelines we'd have if the manager kept it full strength for the '90.

Anyhow, it was nice to see Anderson score an opener for United. His midfield performances have for long been devoid of goals and that has perhaps led to some to question his abilities so hopefully he maintains his improved record last season and gets himself 10 or so in the next.
Park Ji Sung is a name that remains in the back of many United fans' minds and doesn't often hit the finger tips but here is a lad who has scored in every game of the tour-----all fantastic goals without really getting much recognition for it. I think he is every bit worth that 2 year contract extension.

Berba was due a goal one of these days so thankfully he got it and Welbeck will not care how much of a deflection that took----in his mind, he's got a tour goal.

Surely Barcelona on Saturday will give us a much difficult task than we've been accustomed to lately. But we're due a win against them and I think its the perfect opposition to get the lads ready to silence those noisy neighbours next Sunday.