I pride myself in being a unique Manchester United fan; if you share my sentiments then that makes two of us. Many fans can't wait for the season to kick-off because they just can't stand a week without watching United.

I'll be the 99999th person to admit that I also find it difficult getting around a week when United are not in action so the 12 week or so break in the summer should be hell for us but for me, it only applies when the Old Trafford cabinet is empty. I'd like to hold on to the trophy in that cabinet for as long as possible because United gives their fans a heck of a roller coaster ride to glory---you 'throw up' so much that by the end of the ride, you can't possibly get enough of a rest before it all starts all over again.

Last season saw us win our record 19th league title. We played all of 60 games and lost just 7; Naturally that stat would point to to walking all over opponents but it was far from it. It was a topsy-turvy ride between August-May; In that time, I lost my voice thrice (Liverpool, Blackpool, Bolton), needed a medical heart test (West Ham) and spilled very expensive beer (vs Wolves at home).

You see, for a few of us, when Manchester United take to the pitch, its close to a matter of life or death. Watching them play is not the hobby it is for many of their 300 million fans across the world. It's a case of literally watching how your future will pan out; (I know its superstitious---but aren't we all?) A win means things will work for the better; a draw stagnation and a defeat I dread to thin of it; ultimately all these amalgamate into success or failure at the end of the season.
For instance last season was a wonderful success. I don't care what the press writes about it but the stats and facts show that the period between 2007-2011 is the most successful era in the club's history!

So much as I'd love to see the lads back in action on the pitch; I think my heart is enjoying period of recovery so I'm not complaining. Not ready yet to start pulling my none-existent hair out of my head (its still growing) and look! My nails are pretty chuffed too about the holiday. They've finally recovered from that complete clear-out on New Years Day at West Brom; conceding a second half penalty after Gary was lucky not to have seen red and given away one himself; then Hernandez edging us ahead before we struggle to see it out.

Yup! Not ready yet! Long may the summer continue!
I'll do a transfer wrap when the manager puts away his cheque-book in the meantime, follow us on facebook.