Manchester United finally got their hands on the real Premier League trophy on Sunday accompanied with another 4-2 comeback victory over Blackpool. Tangerine were effectively relegated by the result---the only ill feeling to penetrate an otherwise joyful atmosphere inside Old Trafford.
Whilst it's easy to take in league success this season and get on with the next job at hand, I feel that we shall look back at this particular title with even grater emotion in the future so I'm not rushing the moment. I'm loving every minute of being associated with this football club almost as though they are paying me for it.

In his post match interview during the title celebrations, Sir Alex quickly pointed out that not too much champagne would be poured out because the club does have another date with history on Saturday night.--More on that later.

The hot-selling Manchester United story however has nothing to do with football. It is alleged that Ryan Giggs is the footballer that had an affair with Imogen Thomas (former Big Brother star). Whilst we're all human, let me just vent my frustration with all this; Ryan Giggs is the one player that personifies Manchester United's success in the recent past. Whether he likes it or not, whatever he does will always be associated with Manchester United---a small burden that comes with being the club's most decorated player, and record appearance holder.
Sir Alex must be cursing because just when you thought the Wayne Rooney 'thing' was the last of its kind at our club, this comes up. I man the game coming up in itself poses enough threats of its own to ponder about and now he's got to accommodate this. The Wayne Rooney 'thing' nearly threatened to undo our season and only a manager of Sir Alex's abilities could wither the storm. Thankfully we now look at it as a bygone because we're now league Champions again.

The last thing that Sir Alex needed ahead of the Champions League final was 'this new thing.' Ryan Giggs is odds on to start that game at Wembley----and I'd be gutted if he didn't. So you wonder how much will be playing on his mind come Saturday evening. I know there's talk of his experience and all but hey; as we've all been reminded with this latest scandal, we're all human--subject to the same mental and emotional reactions of life's situations. Having said that, If I was to pick anyone in the Manchester United team who could juggle the media and pressure ahead of such a game, then I'd pick Giggs. I really hope that we shall sort this out next week with the European Cup seated alongside the League title.

Barcelona are already in London largely because a certain volcano in Iceland is not their biggest fan. I'll take it that nature is also against them. So hopefully wildlife can join in as well. Here's to Eagles, Vultures, Lions, Tigers, and Elephants raiding the Thames hotel on Friday night.

Finally Sir Alex has confirmed that David De Gea is the goalkeeper who will replace EVDS. I hope the lad enjoys his time in Manchester----and I mean the weather. The next name doing the rounds in the papers today is Ashely Young. You can expect that given that the CEO labelled this a busy summer, they'll be a few 'done deals' doing the rounds in the papers.

Cheers y'all---especially to that wildlife part!