After missing out narrowly in the fight for the title last season, we expected Manchester United to come out all guns blazing into the new season with the ultimate goal of winning us that 19th league title. Obviously we hoped for a few top buys in the summer to help us achieve that goal. We hadn't really replaced Ronaldo and Tevez the summer before so hearts sunk a bit when the manager announced that Bebe, Chris Smalling and Javier Hernandez were to be our only purchases in the summer. He had to be kidding right? But no, that was it.
As fans of this great club, we've learned to trust our manager more than anyone or anything else at the club so deep down, we knew that Sir Alex knew best.
The media couldn't see us better the big spending City and Chelsea and most even dared predict that we would finish outside the top four, behind City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and that Spurs would even have a better season than us.

The season started with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea at Wembley so it was ironic that it ended with a 3-1 victory over Barcelona at Wembley. But at the end of it all, you have to go back and picture yourself in August. What were your club's main goals.
I expected us to win the league----as I usually do, and as far as I can remember, that was it. We've won the League Cup quite a few times lately so I didn't particularly pay attention to that accolade at the time, the FA Cup has had an issue with us since 2004 and I usually struggle to remember that it's there for the taking and the Champions League, you felt would be asking too much of our squad which was more or less in transition.

Roll on to May and look what's in the cabinet---The League. And this is not just any title; Manchester United teams in 70 years to come (hopefully I'll still be alive to testify) will remember this current side as the one that put us on top of the domestic food chain in terms of success. It's a fantastic feeling that we now have more FA Cups and League titles than any other club in the country. That is the kind of position that does justice to this great club.
The manager also went the extra mile to make us dream by doing so well in the Cup and in the Champions League that for so long in the season, there was talk of a treble in the press---the same press that sad we would end up at best in third place in the league.

Last four of the Cup, Champions League finalists for the third time in four years and now record Champions of England. You just can't help but imagine what we would achieve if we were not hampered by the debt weight the Glazers put on us.

The measure of success this year is only confirmed by the fact that but for the brilliance of Barcelona who are now the best team in the sport by a mile, we would be Champions of Europe and England.

What makes Sir Alex special is his ability to keep the titles coming even during the transitional years of the team. Giggs, Scholes and EVDS are smoothly being eased out of the club as he gets ready replacements who will ensure that we keep competitive and successful.

In the end though we are lucky fans. We are lucky that we support a club that keeps us happy during the season and in the summer. A club that has made us so drunk with success that we take defeat as though we're enjoying it for a change.

I'll do an in depth season review soon but for now; I'm thankful that the club has PULLED IT OFF!
Glory Glory Manchester United.