What a day in the EPL! Where does one start from ? I was particularly disappointed with the starting line-up or at least the formation because playing Rooney upfront alone against relegation candidates only served to hype the spirit of the West Ham players. I mean of we go 4-5-1 at West Ham, then we might as well go 6-4 at Stamford Bridge in mid-week! I understand that Hernandez might have been fatigued by the International break journeys (as Evra was) but Berbatov had a 2 week rest so I thought he should have started alongside Wayne. That we had the likes o him and Nani on the bench could only point to resting players ahead of Wednesday. It looks ridiculous questioning the manager's starting XI now that we have the win but at halftime, I did see a few cursing the Great man himself. Manchester United have a tradition of overcoming adversity or coming back from the dead. However, as a fan, you do get the odd thought that somedays it won't happen. I mean how often do we see a ref give two penalties against you--regardless how blatant they are. So when Mason pinted to the spot twice in the same half, I feared that wemight be on the end of another drubbing at Upton Park. Yes I still had the faithin the lads but the last thing you want to do at this point of the season is give a relegation candidate like West Ham the initiative in a match. So to come back in the manner that we did in the second half was simply UNITED! It sort of reminded me of th e2007 comeback win at Goodison Park after going 2-0 down only to win 2-4. It happened again today in almost similar fashion and that is why I cannot help but see us as virtually league champions. That's three times this season that we've come from a two goal deficit so you have to believe that this is our season. And just when you thought that the day couldn't get any better, Chelsea and Arsenal drew their games to leave us 7 points clear of our nearest challengers with 7 games left! I think that its reward for having made it out of difficult games against Bolton and West Ham with maximum points. Before today, we had 7 games in April; it's a good start ahead of a testing month. Finally, in case of an incoherence or anything such-like, I've written this in the heat of the aftermath of the game, intoxicated so Cheers!