Well it wasn't all sleep but I think our players broke more sweat against Crawley Town than this afternoon. I mean the formation that Sir Alex started with didn't do us any favours because we were the home team so the onus is on us to 'entertain' our guests but we let Fulham do the passing a and pretty much have a good share of the possession whilst we sat back and waited patiently for that chance to break.

Thankfully we did take two of those chances the first half and from the moment Antonio made it 2-0, I had a feeling that unless Fulham were to awaken us with a goal, that was pretty much it as far as scoring was concerned. In fact, I'm sure the manager would gladly have accepted the final whistle at half time---and I wouldn't blame him because when chasing a treble, its difficult to maintain a generous application of all resources in all the legs. The big task for United now is to make that first leg win at Stamford Bridge count so it was important to keep his 'best men' available.

As far as the league is concerned however, the win today was just about as vital as the one we got last week because it puts us in an ominous position. I'm thankful that we're making the easier games count so that means we shall not be as desperate when we travel to the Emirates or meet Chelsea later on. Our form right now also serves to take the win out of our opponent's sails. Even with two games in hand, I'm sure Arsenal are looking at that ten point deficit with a sort of constipated face.

It's 6 games to go for the league now and we're in good shape to make it to the last four in Europe.
Onwards and Upwards!