I blogged here in my post Everton notes that we had to go to Germany and remind Schalke 04 that they had gone as far as they could in the Champions League. I mean when you look at the teams that sat out the semi at their expense, you're thinking that they must put up a performance against United to merit their place in the semi and book one in the final.

But behold, we were treated to the most one sided Champions League semifinal todate. You must have read it on a thousand sites by now that but for Manuel Neur, this particular tie should have been excused for a second leg. If there's one game the neutrals are not looking forward to its the second leg on Wednesday week.

Just like many fans, players and manager alike, I was dismayed that the first half ended goalless especially given the number of clear cut chances we created. You thought that the Germans would get one chance or some luck their way and make it count. So the relief when Giggs became the oldest player to score in the Champions League was palpable. Some justice was done to the scoreline a couple of minutes later when Rooney scored a second.
Make no mistake that United, bar a minor miracle, are well on their way to Wembley.

What this does is that it gives us the breathing space and clear mind that we need to go into the weekend's league game at Arsenal. Sir Alex can now selected his strongest possible side at the Emirates in full knowledge that the second leg will not require as much effort as it would have required if the Germans had actually turned up.

Obviously it is not to say that its a done deal because if they win 5-2 at Old Trafford, that would be curtains for us so you hope that experience will help our players know how to see out the final 90 at home.

Just a stray thought; I struggle to remember a game in which nearly every United player had a chance to score a goal. Vidic, Evra, Fabio, Carrick, Park, Giggs, Rooney, and Hernandez all had chances in the game. As Sky put it; were we really that good or they were really that bad?