The international break provides us with one last time to breathe and look at what we've got so far and how we can turn May 2011 into another memorable month for Manchester United.

At the start of the season, given the predictions the media was throwing about (Chelsea and City to finish above United) and given the relative inactivity in the transfer market (Smalling, Bebe and Chicharito hardly raised dust), we've done well to still be in the race for a treble!

1. I'd like us to prioritise the league as the number one target. Anything we win besides the league should be treated us a bonus.
2. We're a little short of defenders at the moment so hopefully by the dawn of next month after the break, we shall be a little more healthy in that department. It's funny that its two consecutive seasons now that we've had a defensive injury crisis. Hopefully it won't wreck our season like it did last time.
3. It's 7 games in April and all are must wins. A tough ask for any team and most would chose what they win or lose at this stage. But Manchester United being Manchester United, we usually have a problem with choosing and hence chose all. But if it goes down to bare bones, the league s what I'd prefer. Having said that it would be painful to see City and Chelsea get past us so we could do with wins against both.

Onwards and Upwards!