I say tasty but with 7 games coming up---all of which determine whether we end the season with one of three are all three trophies still available, its hardly a month in which most of us will have anything like fingernails at the end of it all. 80 percent of the Treble could be won in April if we win all 7 games or at least come out of the month whilst still chasing three trophies. That's essentially because by the turn of May, we'll be talking about a couple of games or so left in the league, a Champions League semifinal and final and an FA Cup final as the only remaining fixtures of the season. If ever there was a month to get into that fifth gear therefore, its April. Most of our players are free from International action in the summer so why not break a leg and spend the summer nursing sweet injuries? The defensive crisis has not helped matters and the manger has pointed out that it could hinder our treble bid. Hopefully the International break has done us good in the sense that a few players should be on their way back from injury. I certainly look forward to seeing Vidic, Park and Ferdinand in the side. Hargreaves is unlucky is reports are to be believed that he's now got a shoulder injury. I hoped that he'd play against West Ham. The game at Upton Park on Saturday lunchtime kicks off the final third of the season and it gives us a chance to head into the run in by applying immediate pressure to arrivals for a response. We've already lost 4-0 at Upton Park this season with a decent side so I guess the lads need no reminder of what is in store for them. Given our away form and West Ham's ability to get stuck in when the big boys are in town, it could prove to be a much more difficult afternoon than we expect. One therefore hopes that Fergies doesn't hold anything back in the name of resting a few players for Chelsea in midweek. I've already blogged that I think we should use the league as a priority this term and everything else as a bonus. We have a few winnable games coming up in the league and if we do win them, we might just land the league with a couple of games spare. Forget '99, working without pressure can make you perform better in games. That said, this is United we're talking about...the hard way, for them, is the only way.