For some reason, Dimitar Berbatov continues to get the cold shoulder from a few Manchester United fans despite netting hat-trick after hat-trick for the club. His name was only sung twice yesterday at the ground whilst Wayne Rooney who is on a mega bucks earning contract and who still managed to miss a free header from all of 2 yards out had his name sung throughout by the same fans. It beats me really, and I can only wonder how much more the Bulgarian will have to do before he is regarded in the same way (mind you he turned down City to play for us and has never wanted away).

Arsene Wenger claimed on Friday that luck and a good defence was what had got us this far unbeaten---suggesting that we are poor offensively. I wonder what went through his mind when he saw that we were leading 3-0 at halftime. The truth is that whist our current game would suffer at many away grounds that are not as expansive as OT is, our home from has certainly compensated added to the argument that we'll likely win games when our players have the space to stretch the opposition. Blackburn, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sunderland and the like have not been sure whether to attack or defend at Old Trafford and yet the Brum and Sunderland had us pretty much under check on their own grounds.
It might be for the same reason that we could find problems imposing our game on Blackpool on Tuesday but hopefully we shall come away with the result we want.

Our win yesterday coupled with the Bitter's fifth league defeat at Villa means that we are now two clear at the top and with a chance of extending that lead to five points on Tuesday. It's an opportunity you feel we must cash in on because a 5 point lead might not come around again this season.