Manchester United have played very well many times away from home this season but have left without the maximum hit. Yesterday we played so poorly and didn't deserve the full hit but in the end we got it. That's how football can be sometimes.

It was a long story yesterday. Carrick and Berbatov were struck by illness before the game and were hence ruled out, Scholes was a yellow card away from missing the derby on Wednesday so starting him would be suicide in many ways, Hargreaves only lasted four minutes of his first start in three years. That meant an impromptu call up for Bebe.

Regardless of who you're playing in the Premier League, one two many disruptions before a game can cost you points. I mean you wonder if we failed to recover from the loss of Hargreaves because we never really turned up after he walked off. That was appalling to put it mildly and I hope we pull it up on Wednesday.

It was round about 3.50am in Korea when Park scored the goal that could ultimately define our season so I wonder how many of his country-mates were awake to witness that moment of magic.
United had until yesterday not taken their opportunities of putting pressure on the league leaders so it was nice that we finally won before they played. We can now sit comfortably and watch this afternoon's football drama unfold.