What I saw last night on TV were two sides not willing to throw a little caution to the wind with one or few risks. In the end, the Manchester derby produced a rare 0-0 draw that the home side seemed comfortable with---not United though!

The difference between United and City was still visible despite the investment their squad so its safe to say that they did nothing to bridge the mammoth gap that exists between us and them.

The biggest concern for us on the night was injuries to Rafael and Evra. We've once again been hard done by injuries so much so that I'm expecting a patched up team to take to the field for (would you believe it) a Saturday early kick-off.

The Manchester derby aside and regardless of the injuries we've got, I think we cannot afford to drop points at Villa Park. We must win that. We're now four points behind Chelsea and hence can't allow them any more room if we are to take full advantage of the clash between us and them.