After a hard earned three points from Rangers in midweek, United took on Blackburn in the league at home looking for a win that would take them to the summit of the league for the first time this season, but nobody could have fore-seen what the script had in store for us.

Dimitar Berbatov benefited greatly from having Wayne Rooney back alongside him with a remarkable 5 goal haul that ensures a place in history as one of four players to score five in a league game. Bu for some brilliant goalkeeping by Robinson, the Bulgarian would have clinched a new record of 6 in match.

The media will no doubt fill Sunday's columns with the Bulgarian---and he deserves it as he takes a fair amount of criticism each matchday but the performance of the whole team was probably the biggest reap for us today. The kind of flowing football and chemistry with a blend of ruthlessness that we've come to associate with Manchester United was what we saw yesterday for the first time this season.
For a moment after Park made it 2-0, I thought we were going to take our foot of the gas in the same way we did against West Brom but thankfully the lads kept attacking even at 5-0! It is that sort of ruthlessness that has won us so many league titles under Sir Alex and I hope we carry that into the second half of the league campaign.

It says a lot that we're heading into December still unbeaten in all competitions so long may that continue.