Four games in, four points lost in a manner that only a relegation candidate would portray is damning! I'm sorry, but what we saw yesterday from United is completely unacceptable! Manchester United do not lose points like that---as frequently as we have done.

I mean what happened to the lessons learned at Fulham. Should we now buy it that the players have learned from this? And in any case, is it something that a club of our stature needed 'learning about'? No words can express the hurt felt by millions of fans world wide but I have to say that if we don't address something in this team fast, we might not have to revise our ambitions as early as January.

Don't get me wrong we played some brilliant football yesterday---like we did at Fulham but therein the draw yesterday lay the difference between results and a good performance. It's Arsenal that will play pretty and walk away with a point---not United!

Of course the silver lining in all that is that we've picked up points from two grounds where we posted nothing last season but that will count for nothing if our rivals do the same. For instance last season Chelsea drew at West Ham but got all three yesterday.

It's why the manner in which we threw the game away yesterday was unacceptable!