We lost this fixture last season (rather painfully) and we could only manage a draw in there in the season before last so Goodison Park, not unlike Craven Cottage is on of those places that United don't relish visiting. But having thrown away a couple of points at Craven Cottage, it's imperative that United don't give Chelsea any more breathing space than we have already allowed them.
I've already blogged here that we cannot afford to drop any more points before Chelsea does. If they've raised the bar then we, as we always do, have to respond to that challenge.

Everton is of course the childhood 'mother' of Wayne Rooney so he'll be up for some traditional abuse. I have to admit that it has affected him over the years as he has not turned in a good performance in the last few fixtures against them---and what more; allegations about his private life might just have added the little bit of fuel required by the home fans today to boo the man they cheer on whilst on National duty.

Rio Ferdinand is back so hopefully our back five should look more like it's supposed to be for the next few months. Carrick and Hargo should be the only unfit players we have so the manager really does have a strong pack to choose from. The form that Dimitar Berbatov has shown should mean that he is a regular starter for now whilst the rest afforded to Scholes and Giggs during the 10 day long international break should mean that they will play a huge part in the game.

It's by no means an easy fixture, but one that we should win given our priority this season.