A quick preview for the game tonight. United open their Champions League campaign tonight against Rangers at home. Given the all British nature of the fixture, the media have done their bit to hype it but for us United fans, its all about getting an apology from the players for what we saw early on Saturday.

Truth be told, I've not had a good weekend because of that and I doubt I'll cheer tonight's goals (fingers crossed) with the same zeal that I did on Saturday.

We've got Wayne and Rio back so that should be a boost of some sort and as usual its the 10 points that you initially search for to make it out of the group so you'd think that all home games are a must win.

Rangers are by no means easy opposition and are one of those teams that could turn the atmosphere and occasion to their advantage. Walter Smith can be a good man manager.

However when all is said and done, the players owe us a victory tonight so roll on kick-off!