Okay, they boys did get the job done with three points (as I asked for) but I was more into looking for THE SPARK in our team that would be the X-factor when the going gets tough. The sad thing for us though is that it was the old veteran couple of Ryan Gigggs and Paul Scholes that was the spark for us again.
Ideally the spark would be from Nani, Rooney or a Berbatov---Granted the named players did score but that doesn't tell the whole story of the game. Rooney benefited from Ryan Giggs's magic, and Berbatov benefited from Nani's moment of magic. Nani made his own but therein lies the problem. Without having players that think on the same wave length, Berbatov can cut a loose figure. It took that precise pass by Nani to include him in the headlines this morning. Nani made his goal on his own but if only he knew that all it takes to make him as good as his departed colleague Ronaldo is consistency. I mean the chances he failed to put away in the first half were damning!

Against better opposition, I think we would have struggled given the number of times we gave away the ball----a recurring theme in our play this season. We've got tough games coming up in the shape of Everton and Liverpool and yet we cannot afford to drop points---at least not yet yet. I really hope we customarily improve our game as the season wears on.

That our play dropped massively when Scholes came off is rather worrying. Well maybe I worry too much!

It's a welcome International break (for my heart) so that ought to allow us to put things into perspective as we prepare to do what we did yesterday twice a week. The Champions League Group stage massively dented our league games last season. Tottenham discovered the effect they can have yesterday.