It's not often that this blog gets to mull over potential transfer targets for our club, but once in a while a transfer saga forces the hand.

Mesut Ozil had an outstanding World Cup for Germany and so naturally was linked with all the big clubs in World football--and it's a no brainer than United heavily feature in that category. The nagging thing though is that here's a player who could easily move to Barcelona, Chelsea or United and in so doing close that particular chapter but instead is subject to one of those transfer sagas that only the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas would merit.

That has in effect meant that despite the fact that Sir Alex told the media throughout the summer that he was not adding to his squad, United have been in the gossip columns.
Granted, we could use a player like Ozil in our team and the fans would very much love Sir Alex to make his first 'big name' signing since a couple of summers back, but get it over with already Gill!
The reality is that unless the likes of Gibson and Cleverley step up next term, we are likely to suffer from a lack of creativity for some parts of next season. We do have enough to make Chelsea look 'ordinary' on a given day as Giggs put it but over an entire league campaign is quite debatable.

The most uncomfortable bit about this saga is that the delay in finalising a deal for this particular player has made the affected sets of fans for the clubs involved to mentally flirt with the idea of having Ozil in their ranks next season and as such will not go down well with many a fan when he makes the move to a club other than their own.