Without being any lenient to the players, here's the review.

Berba could have scored five goals last night if he wanted to. For whatever reason he turned down every other chance after his opener, we'll never know. The manager thinks he was a tad too careless with his finishing and I thought so too. He cannot afford to rest on the laurels of scoring one goal in the match because times will come when he can't even get a sniff.
Having said all that, I thought he was our second best player on the pitch, only second to Scholes.

I thought the performance was not the best we could offer. Nearly all our players gave away the ball cheaply at different times but none more than the goalkeeper EVDS who kept hoofing the ball forward to nobody really. Of course he has that ability to catch the other team off guard by launching a long one to Wayne but its clear Mr. Rooney was not up for it today.

Wayne seemed out of sorts. Injuries sometimes do claim a spark from a player. I mean we've seen many players not return to the gems they've been after recovering from a long term injury. Hopefully the one Wayne sustained in Munich last year will not jinx him as he hasn't been himself since. The good news for him though is that he's been through barren spells before and we know that when he's over it, he'll be as red hot as ever.

Antonio Valencia probably had his worst game in a United shirt last night as the telling crosses in the box he is famed for were all cut out before the ball left his foot. Pretty average for O'Shea as well but this is August. Three goals and three points is better than we had at this stage last season anyway.

United next take on Fulham at a venue that has become a 'nightmare ground' for us these past few seasons. It'll definitely be even harder to past all three points come Saturday. Thankfully, we've got a full week to prepare for that one.