One thing is for certain; The stick Sir Alex and his young 'kids' were getting recently will have to subside for a while at least given what we saw last night.
Beating an MLS All Star team (albeit having never been done before by an English side) is not one of those things that will move me from my seat but having five goals scored by a supposed bunch of 'not good enough' kids is what ought to raise eye-brows.
The thing is Sir Alex has done it before and could easily do it again---win all with kids! So those that criticise his decision not to dip in the transfer market are best advised to keep their cards to themselves until until United finish third in the league, and get knocked out of every Cup competition at the first time of asking.

The biggest news of the night however was the brilliant cameo performance of Javier Hernandez. I thought he looked lively when he came on and his finish has given us that itch of what he could actually turn out to be at OT.

Meanwhile Sir Alex has defended the Glazers! [I had some difficulty typing that]. Anyhow, our manager feels that the situation would have been no different had the club been bought by anyone else. He also drives home the point he's been making all year long that the Glazers have given him the money to buy any player that he wanted.