So United are in Glazer-land ahead of their pre-season schedule that will also involve trips to Canada and Mexico. Yesterday, in Chicago, our new home kit was launched by Nike, this time in partnership with AON.

For starters, its one of the poorest jobs that Nike has done for us kit-wise. I wonder what happened to the creativity that saw us very smart in the 07-08 season. Why the collar? Why the sorry red? Why?

Anyhow, the players have (against their will) praised the kit and all and so hopefully this sorry kit will be the lucky charm for us next season.
In not so different news, the Glazers are still hovering around the M16 so this is, for many fans, an opportunity to drive another dagger into the Americans by abstaining from the new kit and going to OT with the older kits that the club wore before the Glazers took charge.