Manchester United interest at the World Cup in South Africa was ended by Argentina's controversial victory over Mexico at the start of the week. It goes a long way in explaining the absence of World Cup updates on this blog.
It's down to the last eight so we can safely say that the World Cup winner will be one of Ghana (yes Ghana the African country), Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Paraguay and Uruguay. It'll be all clearer by the start of next week.

Goal line technology has been the big issue around the world cup since England's elimination. You could always bet that it would take something to go against the English for Blatter to come out and say that FIFA will finally sit this month to discuss technology in football.
I really hope that something comes of that meeting as I think its only fair to footballers that they will no longer suffer defeats that are unfounded.

As far as the world cup is concerned for United, Hernandez has proved his ability to do a job in attack for us straight away. I really hope that Fergie finds a way of working it out with him in the first team instead of rotting him away in the reserves.

But unfortunately that is just about it for us on the transfer front for us--so far at least. We've seen City get Silva, Yaya (most likely anyway) without doing anything really positive about ourselves. It's unlikely that Rooney will be as ruthless as he was last season and even then, we failed to land the league. Thankfully, despite the Glazer Shmucks at the helm, we still have a manager who is worth all our trust.

Its 15 days to pre-season so you'd think that if nothing happens between now and then, United will be pretty much unchanged form last season.