So United were 3-1 comfortable winners over Celtic. Yeah well, nothing much you can read into the game besides the ,an of the match performance from a certain 'lazy' 'flop' player.

Chris Smalling made his debut for us but it as clear that the lad still has a lot to learn. He gave away a penalty--but that never really comes into the reckoning when the team eventually wins. Besides, the lad did quite well whenever he went upfront.
I think the Da Silva twins should either be converted into wingers or given some serious coaching about mean defending. They are that good and at the same time that bad!

Celtic were by no means easy opponents as they are as good as many of the teams we get to play each season. So this is the part where I say that it will be nerve itching of we don't play even better against Philadelphia on Wednesday night/morning (depending on where you live).

Sir Alex has put rather strong faith in the players he has at his disposal so hopefully the lads realise that they'll have to do a '96 this coming season.
If they do then we shall not be moved that Joe Cole has become a Dipper!