It started off as a joke on twitter but now I mean it; we can't watch a World Cup game without a sending off. I mean you would be hard pressed to remember a world cup fixture among the few we've had that was free of any sending off.
I mean even Kaka (Saint Kaka) is now being sent off. At this rate, we'll witness a new record for highest number of red cards in a finals tournament.

The Ivory Coast ad Brazil was one of those games that you thought was ripe with headlines for the press. It was hyped as a potential modern day classic. Thankfully for once, the form book went according to plan and by half time, you could have put your house on the Brazilians to see it through.
The group of death is widely accepted as that involving Brazil, Portugal and the Ivory Coast. What's fascinating though is that there are just about six other groups of death that look more tighter than the said group above. I mean Italy, England and Spain are going into their third games of would be easy groups without being certain of progress.
In fact, anything bar a win in their final group games could see all those three powers go home on the same day as DPR Korea et all.