The title of this post is not to suggest that anything is wrong with the organisation of the World Cup or anything, rather that today has produced one or two results that have sent shock waves through the footballing world.

But first; Manchester United. Chiellini is the name being flashed in all the papers linking him to United. The deal will apparently be in light of the inevitable departure of Nemanja Vidic. I think its all part of contract negotiations at his club; a means of getting a better deal for him.
The 2010/11 league fixtures will be thrown up by the fixture computer tomorrow morning. It'll be interesting to mark out the derby days and the title run in fixtures.

Now the world cup today produced its first major shock as European Champions Spain went down 0-1 against Switzerland---just the spice that we needed. It now means they have a back to the wall job till their final group game.
The hosts are almost certainly out after playing poorly and getting beaten by Uruguay. It's hard to take in the fact that Diego Forlan was once a Manchester United player who failed to make the grade. He was all over South Africa today; and I think has delivered the most effective performance by an individual player so far at the World Cup.

It was nice seeing the second round of games starting off with a three goals; long may that continue.