The world cup is getting a bit more shape. We now know one or two sides that mean business, and one or two sides that will be back home by next week. Having said all that, a lot still remains to be desired of contenders England, Italy, Spain, Germany and add whichever I've forgotten.

The Dutch are so far Europe's leading team--joining Argentina in the last 16 and boy have they made light work of their task. Ghana, incredibly failed to beat 10 man Australia but still lead their group ahead of Germany can you believe. It bodes for a mouthwatering game between the two next week.
Cameroon had as many chances as we have seen this entire world cup so far but only took one hence their defeat to Denmark and their exit from the big stage.

As an aside, I wonder whether matches without red cards are a thing of the past. I've lost count of how many red cards have been dished out so far. I'm thinking FIFA should strip the refs of those red manilas--just for the sake of it!