So after giving the media something to slap them with, England eventually made into the last 16 of the World Cup. It wasn't anything like the performance you would expect form them but I guess they'd all take it anytime given what was at stake.
The USA I thought deserved to top the group. They do not necessarily have the world superstars that England have but they do look like a team--more of a team than France anyway.

So what a weekend in prospect. Its England v Germany in the Round of 16. That eternal rivalry will hold up a new chapter soon. If I were Fabio Capello, I would practice those penalties. If I were Mr. Loew, I would sit back with legs cross legged on a table.

As an aside, I think football scouts would be blind not to inquire about that German ace Ozil--not that I think United will. After failing to land neither of Joe Cole nor David Silva its bleak now for us. We'll get to terms with what we've missed in David Silva when he lines up against us for Manchester City.