As promised earlier, this blog will try its best to kill off the summer boredom by commenting on one or two things about the World Cup especially where United players are concerned.
Day 1 from our perspective was call about Chicharito.

The 21 year old Mexican forward did not start the opening game which means that he still has not made the starting position for his country his own. He did come off the bench though and albeit lively, was failed to curve out a chance for himself. He did have one half chance though but misguided his header way off target. He also failed to make contact with the ball in the cross leading up to Mexico's equaliser--thankfully for him, Rafael Marquez was at hand to finish it off. Hopefully. we'll get to see more of him before Mexico exit the tournament.

It finished 1 all at the opening game and 0-0 between Uruguay and France. It all means that Group A could turn out to be those groups where the calculator will be needed to determine the top two that progress--especially if the next round throws up another stalemate.

If I've got my fixtures right, Park should be the next on the spot as South Korea play Greece in a rather early kick-off tomorrow. Nigeria and Argentina almost always meet at the World Cup and the result is usually the same. The one to watch tomorrow will definitely be the late game between the United States and England.