So Germany go into their game against Serbia hopping to show the world another glimpse of the attacking master class that we saw against Australia but boy they wouldn't have dreamed of what the script had for them. A first defeat in the Group stages of the world cup since 1986 and a penalty miss (yes it's headline stuff when Germany miss a penalty).

The United States of America rightfully thought that England would be the toughest opposition they'd face in Group C. At half time, Slovenia led them 2-0. Unfortunate not to have won the game in the end but given where they came from, I think they'll take the point.

Then mighty England 'won' their game at the press conference against Algeria. Interestingly Rooney claimed that an under-par England would beat the Africans but boy was he off target with that remark Another poor display from England means that the media will have yet another field day tomorrow and that should just about continue till their final group game.