France, South Africa, Greece and Nigeria. The French have been, for lack of a better word, pathetic at these finals. It's not that we expected that much from them at the start since they made the mistake of sacking their coach even before the tournament began, but as deputy' World Champions, an appearance in the next round would have drawn much less criticism than the French media will throw at them tomorrow morning. Internal unrest has been well documented so their failure in South Africa was more like an accident waiting to happen.

The hosts eventually paid for their heavy defeat against Uruguay, bowing out despite picking up four points. They are now the first hosts to exit at the first round.

Nigeria will be thankful that they have left a mark on the tournament. Yakubu was the architect of the Miss of the Tournament today against South Korea. You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger blooper in World Cup History.

It's getting fun now. Four teams exiting per day!

As far as the club are concerned, reports suggest that Manchester United are not interested in signing free agent Joe Cole. That would be gutting news for some fans.
The manager has also expressed his congratulations for Hernandez after scoring the opening goal for Mexico against France.