So unconvincing.....If somebody watched Dimitar Berbatov today for the first time, you would struggle to convince them that the Bulgarian is worth 30m quid!
I like Berbatov as a player and I've really done my bit to defend him over the last two seasons but if he can't put away chances like the ones he had today then I'm sorry. One of his missed efforts has actually made a late entry into the miss of the season.

Liverpool duly rolled over for Chelsea so the pressure was all on us going into the Sunderland game. Nani got the goal that eventually won the match but really we could have won by five or six goals. That is testament to how wasteful we were infront of goal today.
Not much to blog about this game because attention was really on the the earlier one.
It was nice seeing HARGREAVES take to the pitch for the first time in 18 months. It was more like a new signing making his debut and given the qualities that he's got, it's rather a huge bonus for us at the moment. How we all wish we could have had him earlier in the season.

It all boils down to the final day of the season. Chelsea have the ball in their court so we play Stoke next Sunday whilst monitoring events at the Bridge. I'm grateful that we've taken this title fight to the final day of the season. It's all I could ask for given the position that we were in. All we have to do is beat Stoke at home on Sunday, put on a good performance (better that today's), get our 27th win of the league season (which can only be equalled by Chelsea), have our traditional lap of honour and that's it. Obviously stranger things have happened---stranger than Wigan pulling up a shock result at Stamford Bridge.