I mean he must be in a world of his own. Manchester United have just seen their nearest neighbours flex one or two financial muscles in the transfer market. We've known all along what Real Madrid are capable of, so they are always a competitor in the transfer market. Manchester City are slowly building a squad that we shall soon dread if we do nothing about our own.

Real Madrid cannot continue to attract some of the best players in the world and yet still fail so their spending spree will soon reap results. Barcelona are currently the best team in the world and they have a style and tradition that has made it easy for them to attract the best players in the world. As I pen this, we are already looking at the Catalan giants adding David Villa and Cesc Fabregas to their already talented squad. These clubs are making themselves spoilt for choice as far as picking a team is concerned. Isn't that what United should be seeking to achieve this summer in a bid to address an injury crisis as terrible as we experienced last season to our best players?

This blog is not meant to get into all the transfer nonsense that is filling the press lately but it really did shock me when Skysports reported that Fergie will be making just one signing this summer. I don't know how many are buying the excuse of the 'current market' because I'm not. United are not the only only ones in the market. Barcelona and Real are in it too. I'm comparing us with continental kings a lot because that is our level of competition. If it's just about another Carling Cup next season then I'll stand by Fergie in saying that we are fine---I mean how good do you have to be to win the Carling Cup? It's not to underestimate the fact that other clubs participate in it too but we all know the difference in investment in the four major trophies at the start of the season are quite different. The thing is I thought United will be looking at more than just domestic next year. I thought we'll be looking to regain the title of European Champions--something that Barcelona are clearly doing.

The question for Fergie is therefore how does the current United team compete against a Barcelona that will be twice as strong as when they beat us in the Champions League final of 2009.
The most frustrating for me is that there are players who have 'hinted' at willing to join United and given the situation at their clubs or rather their potential, it would be worth signing them up. Luis Fabiano is almost begging Fergie to sign him up and I'm talking about the current leading forward in the Brazilian national team. His contract at Sevilla is almost up so it will be on the cheap that he can be got us well. Valencia are willing to let David Silva go to solve their financial problems and if they can sell David Villa for 34m, Silva should be not more than 28m. Anybody who saw him play at OT in pre-season last year ought to have noticed the brilliance with which he passed the ball and initiated attacks. The player has already talked of how flattering it is to be linked with United and so why not Fergie?
We could also get Angel di Maria from Benfica if we splash out a portion of the kind of money we were willing to spill out for Sebastian Veron and the like. Even with just such three additions, we would be a force to reckon with---without spending 60m on one player.

It really comes down to the Glazers holding back the cash in a bid to finance their debt. I don't think its 'the current market'. The fans therefore have every right to protest in a bid to win back our club form the Americans and save it from the embarrassment that Liverpool (hehe) has become.