So in the end we're not good enough to win the league. That's okay, despite the expectation to win the league every year. I mean you look at what we've achieved this season given the problems we had both before and during the season and you really have to cut the lads some slack.
To be honest, the situation with the Glazers has not helped our season but to think that we're just a point worse than the champions in a season in which we've lost 7 games is something that can always remind us of what a crazy season this has been.

Sir Alex doesn't think that it's worth looking back at some of the key parts of the season that cost us the title but I'll still look back at that in the season review when I get used to the fact that we're second this year. I have a feeling though I'll recover faster than Evra.

So the last game of the season was a rather rare occasion. For starters, Stoke fans were Chelsea fans---what cunts they are! Then our players seemed resigned to second place by halftime when the Chelsea's halftime 3-0 lead got to their ears. Then despite the fact that the referee added one minute of stoppage time in the second half, it seemed like the longest game of the season. Then again it seemed like the easiest game of the season---I mean how often does Gary Neville try a few tricks with the ball or take a stylish control of it in open play?
To be fair, it was agony.

Fletcher, Giggs and Park got us the goals and Mr. Own Goal added to his tally (in any other season, OG would have been in the race for the Golden Boot). The three players who scored our goals I thought kind of reminded us about the largely unsung heroes of our season.
The feeling and the emotions of losing the league in the way we did was evident on the players' faces but that is just about all we need to mount another title challenge next season. Manchester United always bounce back, it's the club's DNA!