Let me get straight to the point; it's shocking that the Glazer family insists to hold on to their status as owners of Manchester United. You'd think that the £500m or so debt would have convinced them to sell. I mean its not like we are doing very well in terms of paying back that money. What we're doing well is financing the interest on the debt each year--and that is even made possible by our success on the pitch that for instance has attracted sponsor partners for just about every program at United.

Now the reality is that a lot of what we earn directly or indirectly depends on our success on the pitch. Success on the pitch heavily depends on what the board invests in the squad. What we have in place is a very good Academy structure. We have a lot of young players at the club and one might say, the future is bright in that aspect, but the question is are we willing to wait for four years without major success. Young players can only learn alongside established players. It means that we need to start bringing in players who will walk straight into the team. I'm talking about players who have four top years left in them, players who will be on their way as soon as the likes of Macheda finally get a grip of things.

So far, the Glazers have nod done anything outstanding to show their intent to win back our trophy from Chelsea next term. It's interesting that the Blues are looking to strengthen whist the team below them have no major interest in that department.

It's not to suggest that Manchester United as they are now cannot win it next season because we can but the reality is that over the course of the season, injuries expose the weaknesses in your team. I mean look at last season; a little more luck with injuries and we could have won the fourth title in a row. That essentially means that we do not have enough in us to last through the thick and thin.
The point is that you do wonder how much faith the Glazer family is putting in the United team as it is to win things next year. The transfer season is not even officially started so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Ultimately though, you pay off such huge debts as the one United carry by being as successful as United were in 2008. Anything less and you could be in major trouble--as the Dippers have found out.