Sad news to start with. Our second highest scorer last season---Mr Own Goal has had two goals chopped off. Nani's brilliant effort against Arsenal at the Emirates, which I've always thought was his, has been given to him by the Dubious Goals committee. It now means that the Portuguese has seven goals to his name last season. It therefore means that Nani has scored one of those goals that should be inscribed in the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Own Goal will not be happy as well to learn that United's third goal against Portsmouth at home has been given to Michael Carrick. I thought at the time that it was his goal as well. It's just that at the time everybody was so used to seeing us get own goals in our favor that every time the ball touched an opponent on its way in, it was taken as an own goal.

Wednesday 26th May 1999! What a night it was! Ole won IT for us with THAT goal! It still ranks as the most important goal in our club's history. Ladies and gentlemen, the main aim of this post was to urge you to take off a moment and relive those images in your head. Relive the most dramatic European Cup final ever!