1998-Arsenal won the League; World Cup Year. 2002-Arsenal won the league; World Cup Year. 2006-Chelsea won the League; World Cup Year, so I couldn't help but think to myself that 2010 being a World Cup Year means that we were never going to win the league after all.

Obviously this is one of those excuses that the mind works up in a bid to prevent you from committing suicide (which is very much an option) when United are in, well, still in hell. Whatever the players ate in Munich, but since then, we cannot say that we've really seen Manchester United play these past few weeks (save for the first half against Bayern at home).
I'm still trying to work out how we put ourselves in such a good position and the next thing you know it's all gone. I mean if we were really this bad, City would have knocked us out of the Carling Cup or Villa would have won the final or Milan would have evicted us from the Champions League earlier.

There was not too much wrong with the performance yesterday but again we lacked the cutting edge upfront. One really must feel for Berbatov, the will is there but what he's capable of has not really gone off for him at United.
Valencia; well, he owes us an apology for not taking a chance that would have eased away some of the criticism Berba is receiving from all corners of the world today.
Macheda didn't do much to convince us yesterday. I mean you'd think that with the recent striker acquisitions we've had recently, he has to up his game to claim a first team role on a regular basis.

And right about now I'm disgusted at the whole result. End of review!