The thing about winning three titles in a row is that it gives players and fans an excuse if you fail to win the league for a fourth year in a row--I mean how greedy can one get. You can't possibly expect your team to win the league every year especially in a league as competitive an unforgiving as the Premier League.
So United last year achieved the honourable feat of twice winning the league three times. The question was whether we had it in us to; a) Win a fourth in a row and hence set a new record and b) Win the 19th overall title that would put us above Liverpool as England's most successful club domestically.
I mean even if, as some like to think, we had retained Ronaldo and Tevez, that was still a difficult feat to accomplish given that nobody had achieved that before.
So at the edge of a season that will go down for some as the most interesting and competitive but for me as the craziest, this how it stands with a little bit of a recap.

United have lost 7 games this season which is three more than we lost for the whole of last season. That statistic alone was until this weekend, the reason as to why fans and media alike had written off our chances of winning the league. I mean the jinx is no team has won the league with over 6 defeats in a season---and that no team has ever thrown away a four point lead with four games remaining. Chelsea were also many people's favourites from the start so the mood was more like watching a procession of Chelsea walking to their third league triumph, and first since 2006.
It only needed a stalemate at 'Wastelands' for United to be finally condemned by even the most optimistic of fans. For all intents and purposes that result was still intact even after 92 minutes had been played---until....time froze just as it did for Solskjaer, just as it did for John O'Shea, just as it did for Michael Owen....etc. This time it froze for Scholes and by the time it started moving again, City was 0-1 down and the ref was blowing the final whistle. Tales will be told of that game for generations to come but crucially though, Chelsea imploded dour hours later, suffering a sixth league defeat of the season and hence putting themselves in danger of the 'jinx' mentioned earlier as well.

So suddenly, the last few games of the season become more important than we ever imagined. But given our performance over the whole season, we must be delighted to be within a point of the leaders. We've still got to win our games and pray that Chelsea at least drop two points out of the nine available so it's not yet worth getting drunk over.
After the draw at Blackburn, I was wondering to myself if the we should just wait till next season to overtake the record of 18 titles but after the events of the past weekend, I'm thinking why wait? I mean we still have a good chance to win it if we win all three remaining games the toughest of which is the first at home to Spurs, the team we owe our joy this week and the team that has beaten two of the three title chasing teams at this stage of the season. If the players really want the title, and I'm talking about fighting to the death, then we can win it and make history that will never be broken in my lifetime (I'm still young by the way).