By the time we kick off at the Stadium of Light, we'll know just how much enthusiasm we'll go with into this game. There are only three possible results in football, and thankfully, two of those can do for us on the day.
A Chelsea victory at Anfield on Sunday will virtually make Chelsea champions. Anything else and we'll be handed yet another chance to right all the wrongs we've made throughout this craziest of seasons. That neither team has been involved in any other competiton for the final staright means that both will be at their effective best for each of the last three games and hence their results last week.

United's task this weekend is against old boy Stevie Bruce who accounts for the first of 11 Premier League titles in the Premier League era. The reverse fixture this season saw us drop two valuable points at home. People talk about how Steve Bruce's side will roll over for us this Sunday but they forget that it is the two points dropped against his team that could cost us the league this year. I mean with those points, we could be top of the league right now and it could be Chelsea that needs to do all the catching up going into the last few games of the season.

The preview for this game is as simple as if Chelsea drop points at Anfield, we'll only be out of our minds to achieve less than three points at the Stadium of Light.
Wayne is fit so what more need I add? Congs by the way to the lad for winning both PFA and FWA awards this week. He's also the Fans Player of the Year. It's really been his season---and considering what the media expected after Ronaldo's departure, he has delivered accordingly. 34 goals and counting....