A late review post for a game played on Tuesday but you must understand the state of mind I was in after that Olic goal at the Allianz Arena.
Anyhow we deserved to lose, no doubt about that but what hurt most was the manner. I mean EVDS could have let in nay of the chances that Bayern had and we wouldn't blame him. They were clear cut but the two they scored were rather painful. Ribery's freekick came off Wayne's leg and how the hell did Evra fail to deal with a ball in the box in such a situation. In fact what was the captain thinking to give away such a handball?

It's all done and done now and I think we can only be thankful that we played poorly and still managed to come away with what you'd call a 'result' in Champions League away from home football.
I'm not going to look so much into the game because it still sickens me but I'll look ahead.

For starters, Rooney will be out for what you'd call our most important week of the season. I mean a couple of defeats between Saturday and Wednesday night could see the whole season go up in smoke and yet, YET....even in this lowly state, it still feels close.
I mean wouldn't you take a deal if it involved winning ten games to be domestic and European Champions?
Well that is the position we're in now and I don't care if we're going int this game minus Wayne. I think this is a chance for the rest of the lads to step up. It will feel more like a collective effort if the players we have available get us through this tricky period regardless of whether Rooney comes back to make hos total 42 in the few games left.

I know I should save this for the preview of Chelsea but beating them this weekend is as good as winning the league. Likewise beating Bayern on Tuesday is as good as another place in a European Cup final. Now regardless of whether you have your best player or not, is that not enough to motivate you--because if it can't you need help!