Well it's not often that United lose twice in a week so I'm still smarting from our latest defeat so forgive for any inconsistencies and outbursts to follow in the post.

I'll start with the team selection. It's argued that we all pretend to be smarter than the coach when his team selection fails and yet will laud him when it comes off. Well, that's the thin line between success and failure in football I guess.
I thought that Sir Alex should not have started with all three oldies in Giggs, Scholes, and Neville at the same time. It takes something from the rest of the team when they have to make up for all those 'old' legs.
That was mistake number one.
Then words fail me whist trying to comprehend Neville's defending for Chelsea's first goal. He was a spectator for me in the build up to the goal. Malouda almost ran in slow motion so you can't say that he was too quick for the captain. In any case, after what we saw in midweek, you thought that Rafael would be the better option today. I mean Fergie went for experience but that was way too much of it for one game. I mean should we assume that neither of the oldies will start against Bayern on Tuesday?

Forget Neville; whey the hell do United players turn up for one half? I mean we started from where we ended on Tuesday at Bayern and were so hopeless in that first half. I think we could have given Chelsea more to think about in that half than we offered. We made the game difficult for ourselves in that respect. To think that even when we get the rare chance to take the shot and Berba is more intent on dribbling in the box is sickening. Lampard should not have dispossessed him of the ball. He had enough time to get that shot away!
We played much better in the second (I mean we couldn't get any worse anyway) but given that we turned a 90 minute match into a 45minute match meant it was always going to be difficult. Drogba's goal was offside and it might just be the decision that wins them the title but again United didn't help themselves enough to get such lucky breaks at the other side.

I thought Macheda's goal would bring life to United once more but we still lacked that desire, that cutting edge to force our way to a result. That will have hurt many a fans.
A double defeat to Chelsea this season courtesy of two unfair decisions is hard to take but United themselves have looked that ordinary.
To sum it up, the players do not seem to be up for more history.
It's five game left now and once again we've not lasted a fortnight on top of the league. To win it this year, we'll need more help from the rest than in any other season but it's not a position that inspires confidence as we head into the run in.
Winning all five games left and praying that Chelsea drop points is what
is left of our domestic challenge.
For some reason Europe doesn't feel the same whilst we are doing badly at home. Maybe that's because we're not at the lowly class of Liverpool and AC Milan who don't mind it that way. This defeat has taken away something from that Bayern tie. It's 7 league defeats now and that's over the minimum damage required to win the league....guess there will be more than a few jinxes that United will have to break to win the league this year.