Well wouldn't you just know it. I like many of those who have blogs on which to vent their passions about the game and particularly Manchester United implored our team to win the derby today but least of all the reasons put forward was because we could still win the league of we win all our games and Chelsea slip up. I thought we needed the win because the media was not done with trying to portray City as equals and probably better than us so a result in their favour would be used against us for just about the rest of the season and the summer.
It was a derby and given the form that had until the game thrown us out of the reckoning for just about every title, this was the perfect game to bounce back. As far as the title was concerned, I like many others thought that it was mathematically still possible but realistically impossible. I mean no team had ever thrown away a for point lead with four games left....but we all said that stranger things had happened.

So it comes to pass that Paul Scholes, after earning a one year contract extension, scores a 92nd minute winner against City. Four hours later, the final whistle is blown at White Harte Lane and Chelsea are beaten 2-1---and I'm thinking, what the f**** is wrong with this season. I mean in any other season, given how bad we've been at times and the injuries we've suffered, we could have run away with the tile, and yet we have still outdone ourselves by being in a title challenge even at this stage of the season and yet somehow with three games left, you feel that there are yet more twists and turns in this season's title race.

I still can't believe how the events today have unfolded but we have to give it up for the fellow who wrote the script for this season. This is Hollywood stuff. To think that even after the abuse that United have suffered this past week as a result of their form they could still win the league is really mind blowing! Forget the title record, this season could be the first where the Champions have lost seven league games. And I should add that it is almost embarrassing that United could still win the league even at this stage. I don't know whether the issue is how good we are or how bad Chelsea are but what I'm sure of is that we simply couldn't have squandered a four point lead with as many games to play.

For City, they have been put in their place--and in some style too! Three last minute goals against them. Needless to add that at the time of the winner, I didn't care a jot whether Chelsea won the league or not. This game was our everything of the rest of the campaign and I'm pleased that we won it in the way we did.

Vidic was solid at the back but so was Evra--that was some cross to head in.

Warning: I'm a little bit under the influence so forgive any mistakes in this was too good to be true today and almost feel like this dream that is today never comes to an end. Looking forward to a week without the press singing about the 'End of an era' or 'empire'. I mean we've had our fair share these past few weeks. If this win spurs United to win an unprecedented fourth title in a row and 19th overall, then I can safely say that this, in my opinion, will be right up there alongside Fergie's greatest achievements with United.