It's not been easy being a United fans this season---hell it's never easy to be a United fan.

So there I was seated in the living room, cross legged, relaxed, a whole hour before kick-off and then the team news suddenly sends a chill down my spine that immediately translates into minor fever.
Wayne Rooney was not in the starting line-up, not on the bench. Now how about that. I mean all the confidence a United fan had ahead of the game must have taken a major dent.
So not for the first time in the last month or so we had to play 'the biggest match of the season' without Wayne. It's sickening really. I mean Rooney plays just about for the whole season in pretty good shape and suddenly he can't be apart of crucial games like Chelsea and Spurs today. Hell, he wasn't even fit for Bayern in the second leg so it has to be said, we've really had bad luck with him as far as the crucial part of our season is concerned.

Once again, Berbatov was presented with a chance to silence his critics and before I go any further, let me say he hasn't become any worse or any better judging by his performance today. He's just remained Berbatov as we know him at United. He had a couple of good chances today including one in the first few minutes but couldn't take any. Having said that, he was involved with much of our attacking play and two of the three goals scored today were borne of his silky ideas.

More importantly for United was the win. We're involved in a title race that has dragged on for pretty much the whole season but at the same time could end with your next result. Giggs got our first from the spot and from then on I thought we would dominate. I stand to be corrected but was Rafael trying to scissor-kick King's header...I mean it's not often that a team concedes a goal from a corner when the ball is headed towards a corner with a defender.
That goal seemed to drain us of ideas a little bit. Berbatov and Macheda then combined well put Nani through and what about that for a finish. That's a late entry into the Premier League goals of the season DVD.
Nani won us a second penalty that Giggs duly dispatched and hence sending us to the top of the league albeit for just 24 hours.

It was vital that we win today because it now attaches importance to tomorrow's fixture at Stamford Bridge (from a United perspective that is). The least we can do is win all our remaining games and we've now got two left that on paper are more winnable than our last two that we've won. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, it's another eight days of rest before we play again. That ought to be enough time to rest for the vomiting Nani and Evra to recover and hopefully Rooney as well.

Finally it was nice to see Hargreaves warming up at OT today for the first time in what, 2 years?

Fingers crossed for the meantime cheers!