Well fair play to the boys; we did get the three points in the end but what with all the praises I'm reading from the manager and players alike about the good football we played---I mean did I watch a different game? I thought we were not at the races in the first half and we only marginally improved in the second. How Wolves didn't come away with at least a point is still a mystery.

Thankfully for us, the one vital opportunity fell to a man whose head us as cool as a cucumber. Paul Scholes was just about the only player we had on pitch yesterday who could take our one chance in the manner he did. That Duouf and Berbatov twice failed in similar circumstances at different points in the game is testamnet to this. The Manchester United legend is now a Manchester United centurion---full marks for him!

The win was vital as far as our title interests are concerned given that Arsenal had won earlier. We now have a two point lead over our rivals with just nine games left. Only three of those games are away from home. That technically measn that the title would be won or lost at Old Trafford especiall when you put the vsits of Liverpool and Chelsea into perspective.

Antonio Valencia seems to be doing his job right. I only wish he had somebody who was more willing to get on the end of his crosses yesterday. Nani has not been helped by his suspension. He was, as has been the case often this season, poor on the left.
Berbatov really doesn't know much about playing as a lone striker. He moves so much close to the midfielders that in the end, we have virtually none upfront.
The best thing that could happen to us yesterday was the return of our back five. For the first time in 18 months, we had Ferdinad, Vidic, Brown, EVDS and Evra starting at the back. That was the same back five that started in on that famous night in Moscow. With Hargo coming back soon, we might just start to look like a first eleven United side for the first time in quite a while.

Finally, Wayne Rooney. His enthusiasm to play for his country in midweek ruled him out of the game yesterday, and now that knee injury which he should have nursed during the week could now rule him out of Milan at OT on Wednesday. The manager has demonstrated his frustration at him and I hope he understands because United at the moment need him more than England bo for a friendly. In fact, forget about England--somebody needs to remind him that UNITED>England!