Just in case you haven't yet got tomorrow's fixture into perspective, its actually United against all their big four rivals in the limited time of 90 minutes--and oh did I forget to mention that 'Failure Is Not An Option'!

Traditionally this is a big game for both clubs and from a United perspective, a must win--not that its the end of the world if we lose (because the world will not end tomorrow) but that failure is an almost certain goodbye kiss to a chance to claim two remarkable records this term. Winning the league for a 19th time is Sir Alex's passion whilst a fourth title in a row is golden history considering the number of sides that have defended the Premier League title. It really is worth fighting and possibly dying for. That we only have to win eight games of football to achieve that despite all the problems we've had this season is really a measure of the opportunity that we have. However as I've written in the past, it all comes down to how much the players want that history. The least we fans can ask for is the assurance that the lads will fight for it.
Arsenal and Chelsea are waiting for this result so winning is virtually a double blow against our rivals whilst losing is the equivalent on us.
The Chelsea game coming up in April could mean nothing if we do not pick up all three points tomorrow so one might accurately define this fixture as a season defining game. That should go a long way in reminding the players about how much energy and fight we'll need for this one. I mean all the hard work during the season could be undone tomorrow bar a miracle at the Emirates tonight and another at Ewood Park tomorrow night. In many ways, it really comes down to this.

We've got Ryan Giggs and Rafael available for this one---which is good news but again you hope that the manager does not play Scholes and Giggs at the same time. Liverpool will not give the pair the time and space they need to work so one at at time Fergie! On the other hand, how about keeping it Carrick, Fletcher, Scholes and Valencia as we've been doing in the past few weeks. Park has a case as well as Nani--whether the manager does it in the manner that worked so well against Milan is his headache. What I'm almost certain of is that Giggs will start and Rooney will be alone upfront to allow a five man midfield in a system that has surprisingly worked wonders for Fergie.

As far as our little rivals are concerned, well, firstly, Vidic has to find a way of marking Torres or Kuyt without fouling them because the ref will be influenced by his three straight red cards in this fixture. Ferdinand must come to terms with the pace of Torres as that cost us the crucial first goal in the earlier fixture this season.

Ultimately, its a home game and we cannot afford to drop home points in this closest of finishes.
So Come on UNITED!