No matter how poor a player you are, when you score the winner at Old Trafford, at the Stretford End, against Liverpool, you will never be forgotten! Park (definitely not a poor player) has just won himself close to legendary status at OT.

Now officially here's the review!
We started like we always do on such occasions i.e unsettled, nervy and no wonder that Liverpool scored within five minutes of kick-off. Regardless of how unsettled we were, the manner in which a striker of his calibre was allowed all the space and time to head past EVDS with arguably one of Europe's best back lines still baffles me. Rio Ferdinand must have known that if there was nay player he was going to mark yesterday, it was Torres. That he 'forgot' that in six minutes is really disappointing to put it mildly. I mean that goal gave Liverpool the confidence they were desperate for going into the game, so let's just say we made the game harder for ourselves in the first place.
Credit to the lads though for not giving in. Valencia won us a penalty soon after that I thought should have seen Mascherano sent off, and Torres booked for you know what.
Rooney put away the re-bound, and it was nice to see him celebrating like the ardent fan he is. I mean the goals against AC Milan only brought a smile on his face but that fist punch a couple of yards above the ground was something!
Fair to say that from then on United dominated but it wasn't pleasant seeing Carrick and co. giving the ball away cheaply in midfield. Fletcher was just about as guilty but he can be let off the hook given the number if times he hurried the Liverpool midfield and won us the ball. He was just about everywhere for me and that he summed it up with a glorious assist makes him FLOM's Man of the Match!

Like many of you, I was just about to call for the replacement of Park when he dived low and headed us into the lead. (Wonder how many more shirts we've just sold in Asia). It was nice to see him score because according to the formation, he was supposed to be Wayne's assistant in that department. He's also improved a lot greatly in terms of his goal contribution this season so that he was going to be subbed after missing a couple of chances to put us in the lead was a somewhat bitter. Thankfully though he scored and suddenly we wanted him to stay on pitch.
Great to see Giggs back but more importantly, that we held on for the win.

Seven games now stand between us and more history and silverware. Just as I've always preached on this blog, a win as massive as the one yesterday can have a psychological effect on your rivals. Chelsea must have been watching and how nervy they were when they failed to score a second against Blackburn yesterday. The knowledge of our victory must have got to their heads and caused them to drop two huge points.
We can now safely say that we are top of the league unless we f*** this up ourselves. We've got another week to rest and prepare for the next 'Cup final'.

And just one more point to highlight, Liverpool have made it to double figures for defeats this season. It's 10 and counting!