Let's be honest, but for wasteful finishing, United could have easily hammered Arsenal 5 last week. Yesterday, we could have put at least seven past Pompey had we taken all our 'easy chances'.
It seems as though we'll not make it past the five goal mark this season, but 5 will do.
We've seen United score quite a few goals lately, and I'm thankful that right now we have the best attack and defence in the league. At one point it seemed as though we'd have to win the league on points as Chelsea led us by a goal difference of +11 going into November. That we've turned that to +3 in our favour is testament to how well the lads have responded to our poor form before the turn of the year.

Pomey got hammered, not least because their defenders were willing to do us the favour of putting the ball at the back the net for us. The Dubious Goals committee will at some point have to some to terms with us and award our players their goals as we're soon heading into double figures for the season as far as own goals scored for us. I think it stands at 7 goals now depending on how you view Michael Carrick's goal.

This is a new sub series I recently started. It doesn't matter how well we play, or by how many we win, there will always be one or two blemishes.
Firstly, Valencia once again failed to shoot when it mattered. The time he tried to shoot is when he should have passed the ball.
Nani played well enough but it is a worry that the manager puts him on the left and he still crosses every ball with his right. The question is, Is he left-footed as well? The manager needs to look into that.
Berbatov should have taken his first half chance.I thought that was too casual for him-- Well he, is casual but that took it too far. The least he could have done is hit the target.
Diouf should have scored as well. I mean can he ever get as good a pass as the one Owen gave him. Thankfully for him, he's young. He can get that level headed mentality that will enable him take such chances.
Other than that, we're good.

We play Aston Villa on Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome in the London derby today, we must win that as well. Aston Villa beat us at home, not so long ago so we need to avenge that defeat. Make no mistake about it, we'll need all the momentum we can gather for this one. Villa can spoil the party.