I don't know where I've even got the ****8 to post this.....

Anyhow, United were quite simply disgusting today. And nobody should even get started on the 'tiredness excuse', I'm sorry but Manchester United has never had that as an excuse. Last seaon we played over 66 games and yet we still managed to win three trophies. This season, its almost like we never participated in the FA Cup, we've not been distracted by the Super Cup or Club World Cup and yet here we are in February complainig of tiredness. It's not like we've been on form the whole season to buy into it. We've only just got going. I mean we already have 6 defeats to our name in Feb and yet our last 10 games involve Liverpool, Fulham, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea. As far a I'm concerned, we need to win all games to win the league--whether the current team can achieve that, I don't know. Even if we did however, this defeat might just be the one that costs us the league. As it stands, Chelsea now have a four point lead ovee us.

The manager pointed out fatigue in his post match comments but I'm not buying into that. He also said that we left something in Milan, well my suggestion is that somebody gets on a plane to Italy to return what we left there--quick, because on this form, any team in the league can have a field day against us.
I thought he should have started Vidic because the Brown Evans partnership has failed to click all season. I mean all the goals that we let in today can all be blamed on the two centre backs. For the equaliser, how and why does Brown turn his back on an opponent taking a shot. For me he did two wrongs in that move; he managed to obstruct EVDS and also failed to block the shot from Bily.....nov.
For the second, Piennar shoots across the goal but I can't indertsand how Evans lets the ball through his legs in the six yard box and in alsmot the same instant, the same ball goes through/past Brown. Two centre backs beaten by a simple pass in the box---it seems like they learnt nothing and forgot nothing from the blunders in Milan (read Seedorf).

Rooney wasn't at the races today. Fair enough to him, he can't be top every game but agin an off form professional or in his case world class forward cannot have a game devoid of ball control. The lad was let down by his frist touch all game. I also thought that he should have burried the chance when he had an open goal. Surely a man of his strength coudn't have been bullid by Phil Neville that easily. He wasn't really the Wayne we esxpected to turn up today. In fact, he might have been the one thing we left in Milan.
Gary Neville was almost not match for Donovan. He was poor today. I however did like one or two crosses in the box. Carrick was anonymous in the middle of the park whilst Park was not as influential as he was in Milan. Berbatov was his langiud self but at leat he managed to get on the scoreshet.
Brown and Evans were the worst of the bunch today.
Vidic nd Ferdinad will strt on Tuesday in what is the first of ten must win games.
In the meantime, I'll be trying all sorts of ways of committing suicide.