Now Manchester United has a real task on their hands over the next three weeks or so---AC Milan. It wont be easy finding a formula to dump the European heavyweights ought of the Champions League. Having said that, we've not managed to find that formula in the four meetings we've had against them in double legged European ties.
Some might say that Milan are past their very best three which was three years ago, but they are one of the few sides in Europe that can all upon seasoned campaigners who know a thing or two about winning a fixture like this one. In other words, just like we can call on a Paul Scholes, or Ryan Giggs to maximum effect, so can they call on a Dida, or Seedorf, etc.

Not surprisingly, the British press has already made a big deal of the whole Beckham returning to United thing. I'm sure the manager will remind our players not to get involved in this media circus---wasn't that the very cause of David's exit from OT?
Leonardo is however not in the mood; the Milan boss is almost certain to start Becks on the bench. It might be a brilliant move as Becks appearance from the start could work against his team and himself as well. Anyway that's their headache.

United should be able to work the tie in their favour as we've got them in the second leg at home. That means we could do with an away goal or two. If we are to get beaten, then a one goal deficit should be the worst defeat to come away with. We fans have to believe that our squad has come a long way from that 3-0 humbling at the San Siro in 2007. We must do better; come to think of it, we can't possibly be any worse than we were that night.