It's the Carling Cup semifinal next for United and given the state of the team, and the ability of their next opponents, it makes for another interesting viewing for the neutral who is watching an unprecedented script unfold this year at OT.
Leeds (of all teams) ended United's FA Cup campaign pre-maturely on Sunday so defeat to City over two legs will mean that United have the league and Europe as their only source of silverware this term. To be fair, the last two trophies are our priorities every season, but it's hard to claim such honours when you are inconsistent.
That's right I said it---United have been inconsistent this season, blowing hot and cold many a time an that is why we have a catalogue of shocking results!
The players seem to have forgotten that in the red shirt, you are a warrior--not a star. Given the amount of money the club pays these guys, we should be seeing less of the languid striker that Welbeck is turning into and more of the fighter that Wayne Rooney is. It's a shame really.

It's not often that United head into a fixture as underdogs but according to popular opinion, backed by recent form, City are the favourites for the Cup semi on Wednesday. Nobody knows which side Fergie will pick. We seem to have suffered from, inter alia, the lack of a consistent team. It's unbelievable that we've used 24 different players in December. It's also safe to say that we are not sure what our best midfield is for instance. Rotation is good for the modern game but it can also hurt you if there is no consistent core in the side.

The good news for Sir Alex and United is that it's not yet doom and gloom. Beating City will be as good as winning the Carling Cup given the remaining opposition. The manager knows how to win the league and so can still do it and at this stage, everyone in Europe has a chance!
Unfortunately, though, there is even less room for slip ups from United. Whilst glory is still achievable, the line is now at its thinnest!