Quite frankly, this has been a long week for United fans. I'd like to think that this is not just because we have that £700m debt to service, but because the team is not doing enough to divert the attention of the press.

We failed to beat Birmingham at the weekend and so we missed an opportunity to spend a week at the summit of the league. I think that in spite of all our problems, sitting above the rest would have reduced the criticism that United have received this past week.

Instead, the press have made use of our situation very well in a week that has not really had any exciting football to keep us glued to our TV screens (well that is of you are not interested in what is taking place in Angola).

Whilst the press have made all sorts of stories regarding our debt including selling Old Trafford(can you believe), Manchester United made their way to Quatar in a bid to escape the snow storms that have been doing the rounds in England this past week or so. I mean it's not unusual for United to fly out the squad in the middle of the season as we have seen this time and time again(remember that friendly in the Middle East for some rich fella's birthday that won us £2m?). Last season is the World Club Cup halfway across the globe. The question that will be up for answering after the full time whistle on Saturday against Burnley will be if the trip was beneficial to the team. It's always nice to create a cohesion in the team and perhaps give the players a break from the 'noise' in the press in England but not much will be appreciated if the team come out in 'relax' mode against Burnley.

Then is it just me or.....I saw Hargreaves comfortably training with the team during the week, and so was Berbatov. Is the Bulgarian injured or just on leave? Then is Hargo fit enough to play a reserve game? The season is almost up and we're still holding our breath...and we can't hold it any longer!